VSR LAB Professional RIB

Safety and comfort for professionals

Our latest model - the F-10

The F-10 will revolutionize your experience on sea. It was made by professionals to conquer the roughest of waters and still manage to keep you dry.
When this boat was beeing developed and built we had you in mind. That is why it is appropriate for everyone.

A suitable solution for every coach

Perfect for coaching in any wind condition

Exceptional maneuvering capabilities

9- 10- 11 meters designed on purpose

For mid-range cruising and big boat tenders and supports

Welcome to VSR LAB

VSR RIBs has been designed since the beginning with one idea in mind: to be a boat with great seaworthiness qualities, in order to help sailors when conditions start to get hard. A design with a very sharp and deep bow had been developed, and from that moment the world of sail-coaching has changed. Since then, careful studies to minimize the wet surface has given also incredible efficiency and very low fuel consumption, together with astonishing maneuvering capabilities. Have a ride in rough conditions with a VSR: you will FEEL the difference!

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Our motto says that our boats are designed around the driver and the engine, not the other way around. That is, in fact the only way to optimize the final package. A crazy amount of hours spent in testing, with sensors placed all over the boat and engine in order to care about wave impact and preserve back and knees of pilots, with many years of feedbacks given by Olympic medalists, lead to our present range of RIBs. Our offer ranges from the smallest F-10 dedicated to single professional coaches to the 11 meters for big boats service and mid-range cruising, with a full customizable series of ribs in between.

Don't know which boat is for you?

Get in touch with us and we will help you make a decision based on your needs and wants.

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We offer a full line of standard and custom made accessories like storage boxes, bilge pumps, navigation lights, ladders, bimini top. Our ribs could be fitted with lot of customization options, and many of these parts could be delivered as separate items. Some examples are different fuel tanks options, custom colors of the tubes, advertising, flags and logos cut out from Hypalon. Jockey console with single and double seat options, seats, backrests, top box of the console with battery charger, stern bailers: all that is needed for making life onboard more comfortable while working. We are Harbeck dealer for Slovenia, and we can let you have a Harbeck trailer with fully customized racks for carrying your VSR rib together with your dinghies.

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Our dealer network is always available for hearing you, assistance on site could be provided when racing. Thanks to this coordination we could offer charter services and rental on a lot of sailing spots like Garda Lake, Hyeres, Medemblijk, Valencia and many others. Our facilities in Slovenia are available for everything your rib could need: hull and deck refurbishment, retubing of old ribs, full engine service. Our in-house mechanic is authorized Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda assistance. Full experience in mounting, changing and repairing hydraulic systems. No more hassle with your ribs!