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The F-10 is the current entry level RIB in the VSR line. It is specifically designed for professionals that want to have a reliable rib, easy to transport and to move, capable of 300 days of coaching per year without spending a fortune.

This boat exhibits a deep, V-shaped hull and can be equipped with maximum 50Hp, while 40 are more than enough to achieve 27.5 knots of top speed and hiat the same time keeping fuel consumption very low. Everything inside is where a pro expect it to be. An optional 40l fuel tank inside the seat keeps the deck clean, while the standard VSR console includes the 'coach hatch' on the top right side where to quickly put important stuff like you video-camera. Weight balance and chines design had been optimized so to be able to have dry, soft and safe rides also in harsh weather conditions and choppy sea, specially when compared to boat of similar size. The boat could be equipped with as low as 30Hp while keeping its main goal: to be a very good support boat also when weather condition starts to get hard. Tubes are a 5 chamber design, each with his own over-pressure valve.

  • 27.5 knots speed

    The perfect engine for the boat is a 40Hp, more than enough to achieve 27.5 knots of top speed while at the same time keeping fuel consumption very low.

    40 HP
    F-10 40HP engine
  • 1G lateral

    The ballast system permits the boat to make very sharp turn inside harbors, needing less than a 10 meters circle to turn...

    no cavitation phenomena
    F-10 tight turn
  • top quality materials

    Price had been kept to the minimum working on the optimization of the building process, not saving on building materials: we cut out options, not the essentials!

    right price
    F-10 stainless

A ballast stability system let the boat very comfortable with low roll while waiting between races or before the start, also leaving the rib in a position that makes approach of sailors very easy to go side-by-side to the support boat. The same ballast system permit the boat to make very sharp turn inside harbors, taking less than a 10 meters circle to turn, while at the same time it kicks-off when cruising lifting tubes enough not to drag in the water, for better performance and low fuel consumption. Together with this high maneuverability, both at very low and high speed with no cavitation phenomena, a net weight depending on options just over 300 kilograms makes the boat pretty easy to handle afloat and to travel with when ashore.

Price had been kept to the minimum working on the optimization of the building process, not saving on building materials: we cut out options, not the essentials! Vinylester (no cheapoj polyester) resin with infusion system, Penel & Flipo hypalon tubes and custom made ISO/AISI 316 Stainless Steel part only had been used for construction.

The F-10 represents a breakthrough in small coach boats. A real VSR, suitable for professionals that needs a safe and reliable rib for all-day jobs and easy to be carried and towed everywhere.



It's easy to forget about rough seas when coaching during a calm and sunny day. And when the sea gets rough, there always comes a moment when a coach would have prefer to be ashore. While coaching, in which sailing conditions you DO REALLY want a support RIB to be able to carry over its job? We built our F-10 with this concept in mind, and it is in our opinion the smallest 'support coach rib' available on the market.

High quality materials, long durability

Vinylester infused resin for Hull, Deck and Console

Tubes made by Orca 828 Hypalon by Pennel & Flipo, 1100 dtex, 1300 gr/m2

AISI 316 Stainless Steel custom made parts

Fully optimized waterlines, from design to hundreds of testing hours afloat

Very low fuel consumption

High maximum speed

Great maneuverability and handling, both afloat and ashore

Minimum cavitation phenomena when turning at maximum speed

Highly comfortable, soft and dry rides for professionals who spend lots of time on the water

Hull waterline designed for lowest impact force on waves, no more backache

Front chines shaped for reduced water spray to the driver

Perfectly balanced weight on the longitudinal axis keeps the boat flat

Central jockey seat and console with rationale organization

Carefully crafted distances of steering wheel, seat and backrest for optimal driving position

Top box compartment (option) for small item and battery charger

Right top box hatch for camera, documents and small luggage

Left bottom hatch for easy access to battery compartment

Front bottom wet hatch for wet bags


Partial personalization of the boat available with logos, flags, sponsors overimposed in Hypalon material (at additional cost)


The question most manufacturers ask themselves when considering a new feature is whether it is necessary to include it in order to sell the boat. In the case of the VSR, we ask only whether its inclusion will make the boat safer, better or more convenient. That is why we have introduced literally hundreds or refinements since we started construction in 2004 and why we continue the process today. For that reason VSR ribs reserves the right to make changes to Specifications and equipment without notice.


Technical specifications


LOA - Overall Length

5.34 m

HL - Hull Length

4.82 m

Beam max

2.16 m (tubes inflated) / 1.74 m (tubes deflated)

Bare boat weight w/single seat & console

325 kg approx. (depending on installed options)

Height from bottom of the hull to top of steering wheel

135 cm

Hull building details

Vacuum infusion moulded hull built using vinylester resin and quadraxial glass fibers

Vacuum infusion moulded deck, joint to hull with vinylester structural glue

Stern with additional reinforcements + unidirectional fibers and 26 mm marine plywood


Orca 828 Hypalon by Pennel & Flipo, 1100 dtex, 1300 gr/m2

5 separated air chambers, each with pressure relief valves

Flat rubbing strakes on sides and rubbing strake protection under the bow for chaff protection

Safety lines on tubes

Deck, console and seats

Vacuum infusion moulded console integrated in the deck

Central double jockey seat with handmade upholstery, including backrest.

Standard coach hatch on top right side, battery hatch left side and wet hatch at the bottom

Standard controls on left side (right side upon request)

Optional internal fuel tank inside the seat

Optional extra storage room under the deck

Other standard accessories

Bow stainless steel protection and attach point

3 lifting points - 2 on stern, 1 on bow

Extra wichard on stern for towing attachment

Set-up for towing post (optional)

Stern bailer for water draining and safety lines on tubes

Speed (and fuel consumption)

Depending on engine (measured with full fuel tank and one person onboard)

max 27.6 knts, cruising speed 17 knots (Suzuki DF40ASTL)

Max 22.1knts, cruising speed 16.5 knts (Suzuki DF30ATL)

features and specs can vary without notice



F-10 proto thumbF-10 maneuver thumbF-10 test drive


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