VSR 5.8R


Our current flagship

RYA rib of choice

The 5.8R is our small rib flagship and best-seller model in the last 6 years. It is an all-rounder rib, developed in cooperation with and for RYA, paying great attention to all details, suitable for coaching all one-design sailing classes.

This model, sporting a 6 air-chambers design, incorporated the popular benefits of all already existing VSR RIBs. The hull shape and wave–piercing abilities of the 5.8R mean soft and dry rides that provide more comfort and less backache for professionals who spend lots of time on the water. Best performance and low fuel consumption is obtained with a 60 or 70 HP engine, depending on brands and typical usage, with a max top speed, depending on the engine, of sunbover 30 knots.


    RYA rib of choice – developed in cooperation with best coaches for an all-day and all-range coaching. All details are carefully studied for maximum coach proficiency and comfort.


    From small dinghies to a Sunday sunbath, the 5.8R provides lot of internal room. Sides are free from stern to bow to accommodate long sails, and you can add a big back toolbox for all of your stuff


    The 5.8R start to be proficient with as low as 50Hp. From our tests, though, we can tell you that best efficiency and fuel consumption will be achieved with a 70Hp and dedicated propeller.


Plenty of room onboard, with options for tow post and extra storage boxes, this rib is also suitable for daily cruises with the family thanks to lot of options available. Full customizability is what makes the difference here. The rib could be built in virtually infinite combinations of colors and options, so to let it be YOUR rib. Choose the color of tubes, deck and hull, then start adding tubes strakes and options as you prefer, reinforcing it where you need with double rubbers, D-strake profiles, handles and so on. Decide which kind of console to fit in order to optimize internal stowage, that could be extended via optional boxes, small or large. All rounder working-horse from towing in a marina to taking some sunbaths during free time! Select your fuel tank, add a tow-post, paddle support or bimini-top depending on the usage. Do you need something that it is not in our list? Just ask, we will try to do our best to accomodate your needings! From Optimist to small keelboats in any weather condition and at any level, from club to Olympics, this is the rib of choice for many National Authorities, using it at every kind of event from local racing to Olympics.


    We laser cut flags, names and logos directly out from Hypalon, and attach them on tube surface with the same glue used for building. This way logos will last as much as your tubes: no flying stickers anymore!

    ...OR A LOGO?

    Full customizability is what makes the difference here. The rib could be built in virtually infinite combinations of colors and options, so to let it be YOUR rib.


    We can build tubes using different materials and add reinforcements in every single part of the rib: keel guards, double hypalon layers, skiff patches… No more hassle of premature wearing on your rib




Thanks to RYA inputs, the 5.8R had been designed as a truly versatile boat easy and safe to drive in any weather condition. Suitable as support boat for all one-design sailing classes up to 10 meters and for nice trips with the family. Totally customizable.

High quality materials, long durability

Vinylester infused resin for Hull, Deck and Console

Tubes made by Orca 828 Hypalon by Pennel & Flipo, 1100 dtex, 1300 gr/m2

AISI 316 Stainless Steel custom made parts

Heavy duty options available

Orca 866 Heavy Duty Hypalon, 1670 dtex, 1500 gr/m2

Double hypalon patches in selected spots

D-strake rubber bow protection

Double protection on bow attachment

Keelguards of selected shape and position

Waterlines designed for low fuel consumption and easy driving

High maximum speed

Simple to drive in any weather condition also for non-experienced drivers

Good maneuverability

Suggested engine 60 or 70Hp

Highly comfortable rib

Plenty of room onboard for any sailing class coaching and short coastal cruising

Very good stability in rest position and smooth wave passing capabilities

Extended fuel tank option for increased autonomy

Bimini top option available

Central jockey seat and console with rationale organization

Carefully crafted distances of steering wheel, seat and backrest for optimal driving position

Console with top box compartment for small item and battery charger, right top box hatch for camera, documents and small luggage, left bottom hatch for easy access to battery compartment

Optional 'coach office console' for added room and spare fuel tank

Full personalization of the boat available

Personalized color of hull, deck and tubes

Long list of options from where to chose from

Custom stainless steel parts and special installation on request

Realization of any logos, flags, sponsors overimposed in Hypalon material


The question most manufacturers ask themselves when considering a new feature is whether it is necessary to include it in order to sell the boat. In the case of the VSR, we ask only whether its inclusion will make the boat safer, better or more convenient. That is why we have introduced literally hundreds or refinements since we started construction in 2004 and why we continue the process today. For that reason VSR ribs reserves the right to make changes to Specifications and equipment without notice.


Technical specifications


LOA - Overall Length

5.75 m

HL - Hull Length

5.42 m

Beam max

2.18 m (tubes inflated) / 1.64 m (tubes deflated)

Bare boat weight w/single seat & console

425 kg approx. (depending on installed options)

Height from bottom of the hull to top of steering wheel

135 cm

Hull building details

Vacuum infusion moulded hull built using vinylester resin and quadraxial glass fibers

Vacuum infusion moulded deck, joint to hull with vinylester structural glue

Stern with additional reinforcements + unidirectional fibers and 26 mm marine plywood


Standard Orca 828 Hypalon by Pennel & Flipo, 1100 dtex, 1300 gr/m2

Optional heavy duty Orca 866 Hypalon by Pennel & Flipo, 1670 dtex, 1500 gr/m2

6 separated air chambers, each with pressure relief valves

Standard flat rubbing strakes on sides and rubbing strake protection under the bow for chaff protection

Options for double strakes, D-shaped reinforced strakes, hypalon patches reinforcements...

Safety lines on tubes

Deck, console and seats

Vacuum infusion moulded console integrated in the deck

Central double jockey seat with handmade upholstery, including backrest

Coach hatch on top right side, battery hatch left side and wet hatch at the bottom

Standard controls on left side (right side upon request)

Internal under the deck fuel tank

Optional coach office console for extended room and spare tank area

Other standard accessories

Bow stainless steel protection and attach point

3 lifting points - 2 on stern, 1 on bow

Extra wichard on stern for towing attachment

Set-up for towing post (optional)

Stern bailer self draining tube

Speed (and fuel consumption)

Depending on engine (measured with full fuel tank and one person onboard)

Max 32 Knts, cruising 18 knots with 70Hp

Max 29 Knts, cruising 17.5 knots with 60Hp

*Features and specs can vary without notice




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